Thursday, September 8, 2011

How to Change Baseband 4.10.01 on iOS 4.3.5?

TinyUmbrella is a software package to update iPhone 4. It endorses iOS 4.3.5 and optional iPhone 4 baseband update. The latest version of TinyUmbrella does not only support the iOS 4.3.5 but also adds an optional feature whether to update iPhone 4 baseband or not. TinyUmbrella has beneficial features as it supports the additional function of the iPhone. This software package has given a way to update iPhone.
If your iPhone is locked at baseband 04.10.01 then you can use Gevey SIM, IMEI unlock, and Rebel unlock to get your iPhone unlocked. Dev Team is putting a great amount of efforts on iOS 4.3.5 baseband 04.10.01 to unlock iPhone. If ultrasn0w 1.3 get released in the market you will able to download it from
TheDev Team has released the unlock software package on iOS 4.3.5 for the following baseband: 3.10.01, 2.10.04 and in a while they will also launched software package for unlocking iPhone4 on iOS 4.3.5 with a baseband of 04.10.01.
TinyUmbrella can also change the baseband 4.10.01 on iOS 4.3.5. You can go and save SHS blobs of iOS 4.3.5 or iOS 4.2.8 and continue the process of changing the baseband 4.10.01. After changing your baseband to 04.10.01 you can jailbreak your iPhone through Greenpois0n, Limera1n, PwangeTool, Redsn0w, SeasOnPass and SnOwbrezee.
Therefore, you have got a right way to change your baseband through TinyUmbrella. You can also get TinyUmbrella 4.3.5, TinyUmbrella 4.33.00 in the market. Changing baseband is simple today. So, opt for Tinyumbrella to change your baseband.

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