Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Apps for Your iPhone

If you have an iPhone 4S, the newest addition to the long line of Apple technologies, or any of the predecessors, you already know what an app is. These fun little programs fill just about any need you could ever imagine. There are educational apps that allow you to learn languages, read newspapers, and do mind exercises. Others are purely for amusement, and even more were created to help users find things that they need, such as restaurants or locksmiths. There are literally thousands of apps available directly through the manufacturer's store. What you might not know, though, is that there are thousands more that are available outside of the App Store. Many of these are even free!

Cydia Apps

Cydia Apps is a webstore that offers third party apps for your iPhone 4S or other model. These apps aren't available through the Apple store, but can work on nearly any version or model of iPhone. Just like the apps in App Store, Cydia Apps offers informational and entertainment apps, as well as those that enable you to further personalize your iPhone's appearance and operation. One of the most popular apps released this year allows users to completely change the look of any screen used by the iPhone. This makes your phone completely your own. Others include massive banks of ringtones and sound effects, and those that automatically dial or change the volume of your phone. Your iPhone is not readily prepared to use these apps, however. In order to take advantage of the thousands of free and inexpensively priced Cydia Apps you must first jailbreak your phone.


To "Jailbreak" your phone means to unlock it from its restrictions, allowing it to use software other than that is offered by the Apple manufacturer. This simple process involves purchasing jailbreak software and applying it to your iPhone. In just a few minutes your phone will be unlocked and you will have expanded control over its use and appearance, as well as the ability to utilize many more apps than you would have with a locked phone. Doing this does not prevent you from using any of the apps that Apple offers; you simply get the best of both worlds.

With past software meant to jailbreak your iPhone there were times when the iPhone would undergo routine firmware updates through the manufacturer and, as a result, would re-lock. This meant that the user would have to unlock his phone again if he wanted to continue accessing the expanded app capabilities of the jailbroken iPhone. With the improved software of recent jailbreaking programs, however, this is no longer a problem. Even after firmware updates that are occasionally applied to your iPhone, the Jailbreak will remain active, and you won't need to go through the process again.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Best Applications For the iPhone

One of the best features about the iPhone is how you can add additional applications to the phone, depending on your specific needs. If you are a business professional who needs help organizing your life, than you will love the productivity applications you can download onto your iPhone. However, if you are a simple iPhone user, who just wants to be better connected to the world around you, than there are many applications that you can choose from. One of the most popular applications for the iPhone is the WeatherBug application.

This amazing feature allows you to have up-to-date weather readings, which make planning a picnic extremely simple. How many times have you wondered what the weather was going to be like next week? Well, instead of tuning into your nightly news for the long-winded forecast, you can simply look to your iPhone and it will give you a detailed weather forecast.

Another great application that everyone should have on their iPhone is the Food Network Application. This application is perfect for families, as well as those who live alone but enjoy a great meal every night. With this application you are able to discover and read-off the hottest recipes from various Food Network shows. These recipes give you detailed instructions, as well as videos, to over 30,000 recipes. Are you in the mood for particular types of food, but you don't know exactly what it is? Well, you can browse the index of recipes depending on the type of ingredients it uses, how long it will take to cook as well as even holiday dishes. This application is one of the most useful apps that you can have on your iPhone, especially if you love to cook.

This next application is for those of us who adore music and going to concerts. The application is called MyMusicServed and it allows you to view and access information concerning concert dates, concert venue information as well as even driving directions to the venue. This is a great way to keep in touch with all of your favorite bands, and where they are playing next. However, one of the coolest features about this application is the fact that you can share what you see. You can e-mail a specific concerts' information to anyone in your address book by simply tapping, "Mail It."

After you have done this, you can send this vital information to anyone you want to share it with. Also, after you have bought your tickets and your friends are all ready to go, you can get seamless driving directions to the venue.

However, these driving directions are unlike any that you have ever seen. They will give you detail directions, as well as traffic information. This is extremely important because the last thing you want to do is be stuck in traffic while your favorite band is playing one of their greatest shows. With this application you can streamline your musical life, and have constant access to the bands that you love. Whether you are an avid concert attendee, or if you just enjoy knowing who is playing where, you will love this application.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to Get the Best iPhone Themes for Your iPhone

Best iPhone Themes? One of the reason that why you want to jailbreak your iPhone is because you can install custom iPhone themes into your device and the you can show off to your friend. How good is that? Original iPhone interface is so boring, it comes with plain black background and default icons. I don't know why Steve Jobs doing interface like that on the iPhone. So do you want to know how to get the best iPhone Themes? Read the rest of this article.

You can get or download the best iPhone Themes from many different websites.However, it is hard to find it, isn't it? I will tell you about the site to get the best themes. Before that, you need to jailbreak your iPhone before you can install and activate custom iPhone theme to your device. After you jailbreak your iPhone, launch Cydia app from the homescreen, then search for Winterboard app. Install it. Winterboard app is the theme manager for iPhone. You can select or activate any themes using Winterboard.You can get boring and normal themes from Winterboard, but on the website given below, there is a lot of latest and fresh themes for you. You can download and transfer it into your iPhone.

What you can change and activate after you install Themes
  1. Video Wallpaper
  2. Background Wallpaper
  3. Sounds
  4. Icons
  5. Lock Background
  6. Fonts
1. Video wallpaper
Video wallpaper is some kind of videos that playing on your iPhone background. It is cool mod, but beware. Your iPhone juice will drain faster than using normal wallpaper.
2. Background Wallpaper
You can change your boring black background wallpaper to any pictures you want.
3. Sounds
You also can change your iPhone sounds to your own sound such as musics, voices and many more.
4. Icons
You can change your default icons to more cool looking icons, or you can make your icons using graphic editor tools such as Adobe Photoshop.
5. Lock Background
You can change your lock background to any graphics you want.
6. Fonts
You also can change fonts. Default fonts is plain and boring.

Guides on how to getting your iPhone Theme into your iPhone

After you downloaded your desired themes on the website below, you need to extract it using software that can handle RAR and ZIP files. Extract or.rar files to your desktop first. Next, you need to transfer the themes that you have downloaded into your iPhone. How to transfer it? There is two method. One of them is by transferring the themes to your iPhone via SSH, and one more is using USB cables that provided by Apple. I will choose method 2 because it is easier. You need to download software called iFunBox. iFunBox lets you transfer the themes into your iPhone via USB cables. Copy the themes folder, then paste it into this folder - Library/Themes. Turn on your iPhone, then launch Winterboard. Activate any best iPhone themes, then it will restart automatically. Finally your theme is now changed.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Entire iPhone Guide

This is a full guide about Apple iPhone, it should be easy to understand. If you have any problem about this guide, feel free to post here. I will reply to you ASAP.

Simple introduction about iPhone
Screen resolution: 320 by 480 pixels (160 ppi),
Operating system: OS X
GSM Quad-band (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz), Wireless data
Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) / EDGE / Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
Battery: Talk Time: Up to 8 hours; Standby Up to 250 hours; Internet Use Up to 6 hours; Video Playback Up to 7 hours; Audio playback Up to 24 hours.

iPhone Supported Video format:
H.264 video, up to 1.5 Mbps, 640 by 480 pixels, 30 frames per second, Low-Complexity version of the H.264 Baseline Profile with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats;

H.264 video, up to 768 Kbps, 320 by 240 pixels, 30 frames per second, Baseline Profile up to Level 1.3 with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats;

MPEG-4 video, up to 2.5 Mbps, 640 by 480 pixels, 30 frames per second, Simple Profile with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats

iPhone Cost: $59.99 a month for 450 minutes of talk time, $79.99 for 900 minutes and $99.99 for 1,350 minutes along with unlimited data service. There also is a $36 activation fee. Customers can pay extra for plans to get more talk time or text messages. Several family-style plans also are available, ranging from $80 a month for 700 shared minutes to $120 for 2,100 shared minutes.

Full iPhone Demo Guide: Apple - iPhone - A Guided TourFor more iPhone info: IPhone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia2. How to rip DVD and IFO to MP4 for iPhone

Step1. Download "Aimersoft iPhone Converter Suite", install and run it. For Windows Vista user, you may have to run this program as Administrator, right click the program shortcut and click "Run as Administrator".

Step2. Run the DVD to iPhone Converter. Load your DVD by clicking "Load DVD" button, you also can load IFO file from your hard drive by clicking "Load File" button.

Step3. Click the drop download list to select the Audio and Subtitle you want, you also can change the output location. A regular DVD movie has several titles, such as MTV DVD, by default, this software will merge all the DVD chapters into one video clips, you can check the click box before the title list to select any DVD clips you want to rip.

As format: This software supports three Apple products: iPhone, iPod and Apple TV. It can rip DVD to MP4, M4A; it also can rip audio from DVD to MP3, AAC. Just select "iPhone Video MPEG-4 (*.mp4)"

After you finish the settings, click "Start" button to start the conversion.

How to convert AVI, MPEG, FLV, WMV, MOV, ASF, MP4, DAT, RM, RMVB, MPG, 3GP to MP4 for iPhone

1. Click "Video to iPhone Converter" to load the Aimersoft Video to iPhone Converter. Then click "Add" button to load video files. This software supports batch conversion, so you can add several video clips at one time.

2. The operation is similar with DVD to iPhone Converter, this software can join several different video clips into one file, if you want to join video, just check the box "Merge into one file". You also can customize the resolution, video bit rate, encoder, frame rate, audio bit rate, channel, etc in the setting panel by clicking the "Settings" button. The program also lets you create a profile and save it, then you can use different settings for each video clips.

3. Click "Start" button to start the conversion after you finish the settings.

1. This software provides rich video editing functions for you to trim, crop and edit DVD movie. Click the "Crop" button, and then you will see a pop up window (See the figure below). There is a frame in dashed line around the movie video; you can drag it to cut the black edges.

2. You can click the "Effect" button and customize the brightness, saturation, contrast, volume, etc . You can even apply special effects such as "Emboss", "Negative", "Old film" and "Gray" by selecting an effect from drop-down list.

3. This software can capture pictures from DVD movie, there is a small camera icon below the preview windows, click it when you preview the movie, it can save picture as JPEG and BMP.

How to rip DVD and convert video to iPhone with Cucusoft iPhone Converter Suite?
1. Download Cucusoft DVD to iPhone + iPhone Video Converter Suite, install and run it. Click "Open DVD" button to load DVD file from your DVD drive or hard drive.

2. Click on "Setting" and go to menu "Subtitle" to select the subtitle and select the audio.

3. The converter will automatically detect the main movie of your DVDs, it will popup with below window to let you make a decision, just keep the setting of "Record from movie start point" and output file size setting, the default setting is the best for good quality and compact output file size, click "Yes" to start ripping DVD to iPhone video files.

Run iPhone Video Converter and click "open file" to load videos. Then click 'Output' and choose the path where you want to save your video files. Click 'Convert' to start converting video to iPhone MP4 video.

For more iPhone converters, you can refer this iPhone Converter review:
DVD to iPhone Converter review







Lenogo(win): shooting: 

To convert RM/RMVB real media files to MP4, you may have to install Real player: 

Where to download free video and rip CD to MP3 for iPhone
1. iTunes store: $0.99 for one song, $9.99 for one movie, $1.99 for one TV show. Just install iTunes and visit the iTunes store.

2. Limewire is fast and popular file sharing freeware working on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Through the P2P (peer-to-peer) network, you can free download various files by its category or keyword searching.

3. Other stream video website such as, Myspace, etc. here is a list of free stream video website
here is a guide to show you how to download stream video with : Online FLV Converter :
 Download online videos direct to PC / iPod / PSP. It's free!KeepVid: Download videos from Google, Youtube, iFilm, Putfile, Metacafe, DailyMotion!and Firefox.

step by step guide download free youtube, google, yahoo video to computer for free
the download stream video is flv file, if the free online flv converter couldn't deal with it, you can use trySUPERorAimersoft iPhone Video Converter, and they can convert flv video to any format you want.

4. Rip your own CD to MP3 for iPhone; iTunes can help you to do that. Install and run iTunes, click "Edit -> Preference -> Advanced -> importing tab" to change the "Import Using" to MP3 Encoder, you can also customize the audio bit rate here. Then click OK and put your CD into your disc drive, iTunes will automatically recognize that you've loaded a CD. Now you can either choose individual songs for import by checking only the tracks you want and un-checking all the rest (all songs are selected for import by default). Simply click the Import button on the upper right corner of iTunes and let the software do the job. All of the selected files will be encoded into MP3 digital music files and saved in your iTunes music directory by Artist and Album. (If you're not sure where to locate your files, you can find out by going back to the "Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced tab". Here you can see the default iTunes Music folder location.

Transfer music and video to iPhone
You need iTunes version 7.30 or later to sync music and video to iPhone.
 If you don't have iTunes yet, you can download free from here.
 If you already have iTunes, just create a play list; drag your music and video to the list (set your
iTunes to "manually manage music and video"), connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable, then click iTunes "File -> Sync iPhone", Done.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jailbreaking your iPhone 5/4/4S Benefits

When you first hear the term “jailbreaking” the first thing that comes to your mind is: illegal. Well, as far as iPhone is concerned, jailbreaking is completely legal. It has been approved by the copyright act of U.S. Though Apple does not encourage it, it does not disapprove of it. You can jailbreak your iPhone without worrying about legal hassles. And it is safe as well. The only disadvantage you will face is the termination of the warranty of your iPhone.

So what are the benefits that you can enjoy with jailbreaking of your iPhone? The first thing that you can do is enjoy the benefits of lots of cool applications. These applications will open lots of options for you. You can think beyond the regular applications available at the App Store. Jailbreaking does away with most of the complications associated with your iPhone.

You must have heard about Face Time Video Chat. Now, ideally this feature works for Wi-Fi network only. But, it might not be possible for you to access that. Jailbreaking will allow you to use this feature even on a 3G network. The best thing about jailbreaking is that you can choose to undo it any moment. If you are not comfortable with your jailbroken iPhone; you can restore the previous version of your iOS.

But, before you go with your jailbreaking; make sure you are using reliable jailbreaking software only. Online tutorials will guide you through the procedure. It is not complicated. In a few minutes your iPhone will be ready to access 3rd party applications of your choice.

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How to Change Baseband 4.10.01 on iOS 4.3.5?

TinyUmbrella is a software package to update iPhone 4. It endorses iOS 4.3.5 and optional iPhone 4 baseband update. The latest version of TinyUmbrella does not only support the iOS 4.3.5 but also adds an optional feature whether to update iPhone 4 baseband or not. TinyUmbrella has beneficial features as it supports the additional function of the iPhone. This software package has given a way to update iPhone.
If your iPhone is locked at baseband 04.10.01 then you can use Gevey SIM, IMEI unlock, and Rebel unlock to get your iPhone unlocked. Dev Team is putting a great amount of efforts on iOS 4.3.5 baseband 04.10.01 to unlock iPhone. If ultrasn0w 1.3 get released in the market you will able to download it from
TheDev Team has released the unlock software package on iOS 4.3.5 for the following baseband: 3.10.01, 2.10.04 and in a while they will also launched software package for unlocking iPhone4 on iOS 4.3.5 with a baseband of 04.10.01.
TinyUmbrella can also change the baseband 4.10.01 on iOS 4.3.5. You can go and save SHS blobs of iOS 4.3.5 or iOS 4.2.8 and continue the process of changing the baseband 4.10.01. After changing your baseband to 04.10.01 you can jailbreak your iPhone through Greenpois0n, Limera1n, PwangeTool, Redsn0w, SeasOnPass and SnOwbrezee.
Therefore, you have got a right way to change your baseband through TinyUmbrella. You can also get TinyUmbrella 4.3.5, TinyUmbrella 4.33.00 in the market. Changing baseband is simple today. So, opt for Tinyumbrella to change your baseband.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why People Jailbreak iPhone 4

What are you able to do after you jailbreak your iPhone? Well there are quite a few things you can do. When you jailbreak your iPhone you have more apps to select from. A whole lot more!

Unlocking is a completely different process than jailbreaking, but if you use software to unlock you do have to jailbreak your iPhone. Jailbreaking allows you to access the root operating system in order to install software.

You can tether cheaper and better using MyWi which is an app for jailbroken devices only. It is far cheaper to use than AT&T tethering plan.

When you jailbreak you iPhone there more apps that you can use over 3G. With the My3G app you will find just how powerful your iPhone can be on the 3G network. But, remember you may be charged data rates so be sure you understand your plan as data downloads will add up.

You can have a cooler looking phone when you jailbreak it using Winterboard themes. There are also a variety of useful lock screens that allow you to decide just how you want to use and what you want to see on your lock screen. CyDialer is a favorite that you should look into.

But the best thing about jailbreaking is the fact that it is reversible. You can always take your iPhone back into time to factory defaults whenever you want. But that is probably not going to happen.

Main Reasons to Jailbreak iPhone 4/3GS

A wider variety of apps to choose from is the main reason to jailbreak. That along with the ability to unlock your iPhone using software.

My3G is an apps for jailbroken phones that lets you use a lot more apps over 3G including Facetime. While unlocking is not the same thing as jailbreaking you will have to jailbreak if you want to use a software unlock.

Jailbreaking will give you access to the root file system of the iPhone giving you complete control of it. While this is a good thing it has some dangers as you will have the ability to completely brick your device if you are not careful or don’t know what you are doing.

Additional apps that allow you to do more and save more when you jailbreak include the following. You can tether cheaper and better using MyWi which is an app for jailbroken devices only. It is far cheaper to use than AT&T tethering plan.

You can have a cooler looking phone when you jailbreak it using Winterboard themes. There are also a variety of useful lock screens that allow you to decide just how you want to use and what you want to see on your lock screen. CyDialer is a favorite that you should look into.

But the best thing about jailbreaking is the fact that it is reversible. You can always take your iPhone back into time to factory defaults whenever you want. But that is probably not going to happen.

How to Jailbreak an iPhone and why to Jailbreak your iPhone?

The term “Jailbreaking” has been used so often and for so many purposes that most people are confused about the whole idea behind this activity for your iOS devices. However, jailbreaking need not be tricky, here are some of the questions which most newcomers may have when attempting to jailbreak their first iOS device.

Q: What exactly is jailbreaking?
A: Jailbreaking is a process used to break the restrictions imposed on your iPhones in order to maximize the potential of your device. An untethered jailbreak lasts as long as your phone is not upgraded or restored, while a tethered jailbreak vanished everytime you reset your device. An iPhone running a tethered jailbreak needs to be connected (tethered) to your computer to reinitiate the jailbreaking process. (Hence the name!)

Q: Why is jailbreaking neccesary?
A: Jailbreaking is necessary if you would want to try and explore exciting new applications, themes, tweaks and modifications. Such new programs may not have been approved in the AppStore, or is simply against the policy of the AppStore. This could be to preserve the constant look throughout iOS devices, to block features which the manufacturer would want to add himself in the future, or simply because the software developer does not want to go through the hassle of listing on the AppStore.

Q: What are the risks of jailbreaking?
A: Virtually none! Jailbreaking is easily reversible at any time. Simply pop your device into your machine and you can restore the device back to its factory settings in minutes. But remember to note that Apple does not officially support jailbroken devices. If you are sending your device in for warranty purposes, they have the right not to service it with no additional charge. Not to worry though, as mentioned before, restoring your device with iTunes will remove all traces of the jailbreaking.

Q: Is jailbreaking legal?
A: Yes! The US Copyright Office has ruled that jailbreaking iOS devices are in fact legal.

Q: What devices can I jailbreak?
A: You can jailbreak literally any Apple device running iOS, although this may be done with different methods. Examples of iOS products includes iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads (both the first and second generation models) Additionally, most of the times you should be able to jailbreak your device with either a Macintosh computer or a Windows PC.

Q: How do I make the most use of my jailbroken device?
A: Using the software repository on your jailbroken device, known as Cydia, you can browse through hundreds of tweaks, programs and games available for instant download. Most of the stuff on Cydia are free, so it is important to keep an open mind and try out as many items as possible. Who knows, you could randomly stumble upon a piece of software which is perfect for your lifestyle! I know I did when I found MxTube, a brilliant piece of software available on Cydia which lets me download YouTube movies instead of streaming them.

Now that you’ve got the basics nail down, why not try jailbreaking your iPhone today!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Risks When You Jailbreak The iPhone

Many people have not tried jailbreaking their iPhones because they have heard horror stories about the possibility of obtaining a virus or worm or even completely breaking the phone. Are these real concerns that you should worry about? Jailbreaking is a completely safe process however if you do not take certain precautions it does make the iPhone more vulnerable to viruses and worms.

The best way to protect your phones security is to change the SSH password. You can even disable SSH for even better protection. Apple has warned in the past that jailbroken iPhone have been the only ones attached by worms. Apple tries to discourage jailbreaking by planting the seeds of doubt and fear into the vulnerabilities of jailbroken iPhones.

However you are able to protect your iPhone by changing the root password default of “alpine” to another password. If you omit doing this step after you jailbreak your iPhone you will risk being attached by worms, viruses and other types of spyware hacks. If you changes this default password your iPhone will be as safe as any stock phone you can buy from Apple.

With all the added benefits you gain when you jailbreak including the ability to truly multitask and use many apps on the 3G network that is currently restricted there are so many more benefits than risks. Just be sure to change this password and do any other precautionary steps recommended by your jailbreaking software vendor.

Unlock the New iPhone 4

When you use software that you can find online to jailbreak and unlock your iPhone you are able to use it uninterrupted and immediately switch networks. There are several different applications that you can choose to accomplish this process.

You can use this jailbreaking and unlocking software with the very first iPhone 2G all the way through the iPhone 4. Be careful, however, to be sure that the version of software you purchase is compatible with your systems. You need to check the system specifications.

With and unlocked iPhone you are able to use any compatible network including Orange, T-Mobile, Rogers, Fido, Tim, Tesco, Sellone, AT&T and more. There are comprehensive solutions that both jailbreak and unlock for one fee and for all applications. Be ware that some unlock solutions may not leave fully functional all applications. You don’t want to buy a solution only to find you can no longer use Wi-Fi, YouTube, EDGE or iTunes.

If you have ever considered jailbreaking or unlocking your iPhone today is the day to do it. The process has been refined to be as safe and easy to perform as possible. Even with Apple offering unlocked handsets for sale on their website it is cheaper for you to unlock your iPhone than to buy their unsubsidized version.

While business travelers might find the price for the Apple unlocked iPhone to be reasonable the average individual cannot afford the expense. Either way jailbreaking, unlocking or buying an unlocked iPhone you can save money.

Unlock The iPhone Kit

If you are looking for the best tool to unlock your iPhone then a kit designed to be compatible with any model of iPhone would be a great choice. Many of these kits do not even require you to cut the SIM card. Kits can be delivered to you by multiple means and you can have it within seven days after purchase.

With a SIM unlocking kit it will unlock the iPhone leaving all features fully functional. Included is a turbo SIM that you use along with the network card. The process is simple by just placing the turbo SIM into the tray and turning on your iPhone.

These types of SIM unlocking does not require you to jailbreak your iPhone or use any software or even modify the firmware in any way. Many providers of SIM unlocking kits also provide you with other useful software and tools. Some examples include free ringtone generators, wallpapers and other utilities that will ensure all the apps will continue to work as they should. There are also tools that will ensure that your user data is saved as well.

Using a SIM unlocking kit is one of the easiest and safest methods to use to unlock your iPhone. It does not require you to install any software, jailbreak your iPhone or even modify the firmware. SIM unlocking is a very reasonable alternative to buying a factory unlocked iPhone from Apple that will work with any model iPhone on the market.

Monday, July 25, 2011

iPhone 4 - The Insatiable Addiction

Till the time one buys (read decides to buy) an iPhone, they come up with 1001 reasons 'why I don't need an iPhone.' But once the craving sets on for an iPhone, every day one can think of more reasons 'why I need an iPhone.' Well that happened in our case too. Till the time we could afford an iPhone 4, we were arguing what basic telephone features an iPhone can do that a BlackBerry can't?! With more and more friends moving on to iPhone, the craving just got irresistible and viola! we got an iPhone 4.

The sense of pride on holding an iPhone, snapping open and shut the exclusive leather case and all the related emotions that come with an iPhone are not easily describable. It is as if we got the Christmas or birthday present that we had been waiting for for the whole year.

For those who are still arguing 'what can an iPhone do that a BlackBerry can't?' I have to say this, you'll have to see one to know the multitude of Apps. The convenience of having all at once (a GPS, Outlook, Public mailbox, all the popular Instant Messengers (IMs) with video chat support, IPod music player, Dictionary, Barcode reader, Doodle (for the artistically inclined - paint what you want whenever you want just with the touch of your fingers), and not to miss the 5 megapix camera) is an unparalleled experience.

Once you have had an iPhone, for about a month, the question that you'd be asking yourself changes to 'How the hell did I manage everything before iPhone'

My brother had gotten himself an iPhone from Singapore and that doesn't seem to require any "jailbreaking" (huh! cant they have coined a better term) to work in India. He took a Vodafone 3G connection and I must say the service was indeed impressive. The GPS is not precise though as in US but still I liked it. I was a bit skeptical about the bandwidth of service for an Indian GPRS provider - but after seeing the Vodafone service, I can say proudly that the service can be compared at par to any other good service providers of the west. I have a BSNL Cellone 3G service and I must admit it works pretty well in my Nokia E51 smart phone. I can't wait to experience the service in iPhone 4

P.S. For those who are happy with the smart phone they've already got, apple has another option for you! Check the iPod generation 4 - the look and feel and the apps are absolutely same as the iPhone 4 except that you can only connect to an available wifi network and cannot browse/chat/check mail/use GPS 'on the go'. If that's not a requirement, you can get the iPod Gen 4 and experience the iPhone experience. But I give the statutory warning that after iPod Gen4, you might develop a craving for iPhone 4!

Why Jailbreak Your iPhone 4?

There are lots of reasons you would jailbreak your iPhone 4. The most common reason is to use this awesome phone on networks other than At&t or Verizon (or whatever network provides your iPhone 4 if you aren't in the USA). Besides using your iPhone 4 with other networks (this is commonly referred to as "unlocking" with other phones), you might want to install apps, tweaks, or themes that Apple hasn't approved for one reason or another. Like an austere father, Apple has become notoriously picky about the kinds of things it allows on its "perfect" child, the iPhone. Thus, a "black market," full of any possible app or tweak has flourished. And jailbreaking allows you access to it.

1. Use other networks than the phone was manufactured for
Wherever you are in the world, Apple has negotiated contracts to make the iPhone 4 exclusive. It has done this to keep the price high, secure control over use, and maintain an air of exclusivity and superiority for iPhone 4 users. This is quite contrary to most other smart phones, which compete pretty openly against other smart phones and networks. Contrary to many people's beliefs, iPhone 4 is actually the third most used smart phone, behind number one Android, and number two Blackberry. Jailbreaking and unlocking allows iPhone 4 owners to choose their network, which they might do based on price or network coverage wherever they are.

2. Install non-Apple-approved apps
Behind using a different network, this is the most common reason people jailbreak their iPhone 4s. Some of the apps available include apps that compete with Apple's own (like Podcaster) to sick games (like Baby Shaker). Another very popular app is SlingPlayer which allows you to stream TV from your SlingBox.

3. Install tweaks, screensavers, ringtones, and wallpapers
Jailbreaking your iPhone 4 opens up a wealth of interesting tweaks to nearly every aspect of your iPhone 4. Some of the things you can change are the menu, icons, screen saver, wallpaper, and function of the buttons. One very popular tweak allows you to use your iPhone 4's internet connection to tether other computers onto the web.
These are the top reasons why someone might jailbreak their iPhone 4. In my opinion, jailbreaking your phone really opens up your iPhone 4 to tons of functionality with pretty minimal downside risk.

Removing IPhone Jailbreak

There are many people who are trying to figure out how to hack their iPhone with the software to unlock it allowing third party software to be installed, commonly called "Jailbreaking" the iPhone. However, what about those who want to remove the jailbroken software from their phone? there really is not much information about this process on the internet currently. As Apple begins to punish those who run jailbreak apps on their newest version of the iOS there will be many more looking for answers in this department.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone the chances are that you love the new functionality that it has offered you. Some of the biggest advantages of doing this software hack have now been added in the newest version of iPhone software. The iOS4 has added backgrounds, multitasking, folders and many more features that iPhone owners were only able to access by performing software alteration. Now that Apple has added these features, they apparently don't want anybody to use the jailbreak software on their products any longer. If you have downloaded iTunes 9.2 or upgraded to the iOS 4 software package you have already agreed not to use this software when you agreed to the EULA (End User Licence Agreement) and there are rumors going around that they now have the capability and are using it, to check your iPhone for non standard software. This may have already led to a few canceled iTunes accounts and many think that his will continue to be an issue.

If you want to get out while the getting is good, you can come back from the dark side and for most, it is a lot easier than you might think. If the version of jailbreak software you have installed offers a "Safe Mode" which most do, all you will have to do is put your phone in this mode to sync. Once your iPhone has been backed up, you have transfered your purchases to iTunes and then downloaded the newest version of iOS you are ready to go. Be prepared for a few hours of sync time, because these backups do take some time. For iPhone owners who have the 3G model, you will not get many of the features that are promised in the software update, so do your homework first to make sure that you know what you are getting. It would also seem AT&T is already pushing some updates that are purposefully slowing down the users who have applied the jailbreak software. This is just one more reason to consider changing your iPhone back to the standard software.

No matter what you like about the jailbreak software, there are not many people who would like to trade their iTunes account for a few extra apps. After all the iTunes store has hundreds of thousands of free apps to choose from. You can now tether legally though AT&T service, so this is another reason that you may consider switching back and removing iPhone jailbreak software from your phone.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

iPhone Jailbreaking and Unlocking

The operating system of Apple iPhone makes use of 2 interactive partitions to be precise the media partition and the partition with operating system. It probably obvious that all the information like MP3, motion pictures, contacts, apps are saved inside the media partition while the core files that permits to operate your device are kept on the operating system partition.

What are the primary reasons for jailbreaking your iPhone? First of all, from time to time you have to make use of 3rd party softwares and applications that are commonly rejected by the Apple. Thus you must jail break your system for adding and using third party applications. Secondly, occasionally you want to install various stunning iPhone wallpapers and themes for altering the general look of your device and therefore for doing so you have to jailbreak. Thirdly, to unlock your iPhone you have to jailbreak it. Fourthly, a lot of people need to get their favorite videos straight from YouTube and use it on their iPhone. Thus they need to jailbreak.

Lots of people, perhaps especially the iPhone fans are extremely much confused about whether jail breaking iPhone is legal or not. Well you should know that jail breaking is legal because it is your cell and you've got all the rights to play with it unless and till it can harm others, but definitely by jail breaking you may lost the warranty of your device. Especially in European countries the laws are enormously strict and thus in case you jailbreak your guarantee agreement will get automatically void.

However the warranty will be regarded as void only if Apple is sure that the jailbreaking is the main reason which damaged your iPhone. It should be noted that generally jailbreaking rarely harms the device. In accordance with many expert iPhone lovers, jail breaking won't injury your mobile in any way. All of the options of your iPhone will proceed to work. Jailbreaking just makes your device better.

If you're new, let me offer you a few information on what is unlocking iPhone. Well, unlocking iPhone means to unlock up the device modem to simply accept SIM cards from other carrier because in the numerous countries, the iPhone won't connect with another providers apart from AT&T, unless you unlock it. For instance, if you wish to handle third party providers then you need to unlock your iPhone.

Monday, July 18, 2011

10 Things to Hate About the iPhone

10 things to hate about the iPhone

I took delivery of my iPhone at the start of September, the start of a trying month personally that saw me out of the office for very long periods and only in touch with the world via my phone. It was a baptism of fire for me and the device.
 You will have seen the adverts, played with it in phone shops, looked over fellow commuters' shoulders, borrowed your friend's ... great isn't it? Or is it?
 In this article I touch on some of the things about the device that have really irked me. Just a bit or quite a lot. And to maintain the celestial karmic balance I have a companion article on some of the things about the iPhone that I absolutely love. There's enough material for both articles, I assure you!
So here we go, in reverse order, the 10 things that you should hate about the iPhone!

10. Grubby fingers and the onscreen keyboard
 The iPhone's onscreen keyboard is surprisingly effective and doesn't take long to get used to.
Just remember to wash your hands before you do so, however! This isn't just cosmetic: For some reason I manage to leave a sticky mark under my right thumb that attract dust, biscuit crumbs, or whatever, right over the erase key. Usually the crumb lands there just as I finish the 2 page email and starts to rub out the whole message character by character! This is not an exaggeration!! It is, however, not a daily occurrence!!

9. External memory
I went the whole hog and took the 16GB iPhone immediately. I don't regret it! I haven't been selective with my music collection and have more or less all my ripped CDs stored on the iPhone. That's 14GB. Which leaves precious little room for real data.
On other devices this is rarely a problem and non-volatile storage is usually flash memory of some description, the size of which obeys Moore's law and doubles in size and speed every 9 months or so and halves in physical size every 2 years or so with a new "mini" or "micro" format. I have yet to run out of space on a mobile phone or smartphone, even with an address book of over 500 names.
The problem on the iPhone is that there is no external memory slot and no way (short of wielding a soldering iron) of expanding the internal memory. A shame. The iPod Touch has recently spawned a 32GB version and I imagine that the 32GB iPhone is on its way. When that happens the legacy user base will be left wondering what to do next.

8. Battery and battery life
The iPhone is sleek - barely a centimetre thick and enticingly smooth with those rounded edges. There are few buttons, no little doors to come open and break off in your pocket and no memory slots to fill up with fluff and dirt.
One of the reasons for the smooth design is that the iPhone does not have a user removeable battery. The battery can be changed by a service centre, and over the two years I will keep this device I expect to have to change the battery at least once, but I cannot do it myself. Also the battery is surprisingly small - it has to be to fit into this neat little package.
The price you pay for this is battery life. My device is now 6 weeks old and have been fully cycled about 5 times (I tend to keep the battery on charge but allow it to run flat at least once a week). If I am not using the device constantly, just checking the device twice an hour and answering calls, using 3G and Push, I can rely on a full working day of 10 to 12 hours between charges. If I turn on WiFi this drops to 6 or 7 hours. If I use the GPS without WiFi, autonomy drops to 4 or 5 hours. If I wanted to be really frugal and last a full 24 hours, I would need to turn off both Push email and 3G, and reduce screen brightness to a minimum.
For some people this is a major issue. For me, since I usually either have a PC on and can trail a USB cable, or spend the day driving with the iPhone hooked up as an iPod and being charged by the car, it is less of a constraint. But it remains an annoyance. I haven't yet seen an iPhone equivalent of the Dell Latitude "Slice" - a battery "back pack" for the iPhone that could more than double autonomy with minimal extra thickness, but I assume that someone, somewhere, is working on an aftermarket device.

7. Document management
There is no equivalent of the Windows Mobile File Manager or Mac Finder on the iPhone so there is no way of manipulating file objects on device.
Admittedly the iPhone does a credible job of shielding you from the need to do any file level manipulation: For example the Camera has a photo album that is also accessible in other applications that need to access images (for example, the iBlogger application I use to write short articles on this site). But there are still occasions when you need to manipulate individual file objects.
One is during installation and set up when installing root certificates for SSL so that the device can talk to an Exchange server: Unless you use Apple's enterprise deployment tool (which locks down the device and prevents further configuration changes, so not always desirable), the only ways to set up the device for Exchange are to set up a temporary IMAP account and download an attachment that you open, or to set up a website with the root certificate and define the appropriate MIME types on the web server (I could not get this to work, incidentally!). How much easier it would be to download the certificate onto the device using Windows explorer (connecting to a PC via USB exposes the devices memory as an attached storage device) and to be able to open the certificate file from memory on the iPhone.
The other key need for this functionality is when manipulating attachments on email messages. There is no way of saving attachments, or attaching documents selectively to a new or forwarded message.

6. Navigating through email folders
I tend to keep a lot of emails in my mailbox. I archive once a year, and usually towards the end of the following year. I'm also fairly busy and work on a dozen consulting and business development projects at a time. That means two things: a lot of emails, and the need to organise those emails sensibly.
I organise my emails into trees - consulting projects in separate folders and these folders organised by client, all kept separate from companies I'm invested in and from my personal stuff. Probably 40 or 50 folders.
On Windows Mobile devices I can organise this quite cleanly, with the ability to expand or collapse sections of the folder tree. The iPhone recognises the tree, but gives me no means of collapsing the hierarchy. The Inbox is always at the top: Junk email is always at the bottom. Moving incorrectly junked emails means traversing the whole tree, which is a pain even using the classy flick scroll gesture. It's clumbsy and unnecessary.

5. Filtering offline email content
The other side of this complexity is managing how much of my "online archive" to take with me.
There is no need (and no space) to take it all with me: I am quite used to placing sensible limits on the section of the mail folder to take with me. Windows Mobile allows me to take 1, 2 or 3 months worth of email with me, to say whether I take attachments with me, all the email or just the headers. I can even select which folders to take or leave behind. And I don't need to worry if I go away and find I am missing a crucial folder - I can change the parameters and the device will download what's missing.
The iPhone is slightly less flexible. It won't let me download attachments pre-emptively: It will only load the message header and leave the attachment behind unless and until I select the email manually. I can define how many days of emails I download from 1 day to 1 month, but beyond that I cannot specify a limit. I have a filter on the number of messages within a folder that I display from 25 to 200 messages but the interaction between this setting and the time limit is not entirely clear. If you are a light user this is less of an issue: For a heavier email user with a complex folder hieracrchy you have less control and can run into memory management issues as a result.

4. Message management and Exchange
The worst problem with message management on the iPhone is actually specific to Microsoft Exchange.
I am an expert user and really love Microsoft Exchange. It isn't just my mail server: It's a full collaboration engine, with group and resource scheduling, rich address book, "to do" lists, journaling, contact histories etc. I don't use it for fax and voice mail yet, but that is just a question of not having made the time to buy the interface box to the PBX and turn that feature on. So I am up there with the other 60% of enterprise mailbox users that are hooked on Exchange.
When the iPhone first appeared the Exchange interaction story was weak. It could do IMAP, but that's just a fraction of the story. No problem, that wasn't Apple's intended primary audience either, but the enterprise users clearly wanted the iPhone, so Apple got to work.
To be fair to them, Apple have done a lot with iPhone 3G to improve the Exchange story. Most of the security protocols are there, including critical features like remote wipe and SSL, and it supports Push. Enterprise deployment is straightforward too with a dedicated enterprise setup tool that supports remote device configuration. Unfortunately Apple seem to have stopped halfway through the API and a lot of Exchange functionality is overlooked. Some of this, like losing some data richness within calendar and contact items, doesn't affect all users equally. Other elements are more critical, however.
The best way to describe this is how you forward email messages with attachments. The Exchange API permits clients to forward the message without the message content being stored locally: You can forward the header and the server will attach the attachments and other rich content before forwarding. The iPhone doesn't understand this: First it has to download all of the message and attachments from the server to the iPhone, then it has to add the forwarding address and send the entire message back to the server. Moving a message between folders is the same and involves the same telecommunications overhead. A nuisance for me, but no more than that: If you aren't on a data bundle and pay by the MB then you need to be wary of this.
[Another side effect of this issue is that server-side disclaimers and signatures get placed at the end of the forwarded message, rather than under new message text.]

3. Reading HTML and rich text messages
I love HTML emails. I know that is considered a cardinal sin in some quarters, but as someone once said, if email had been invented after http would email have been done any other way? HTML is ubiquitous, it is clean and it works.
And of course being the best mobile web device on the market, the iPhone should be a fantastic HTML email reader, shouldn't it?
Well, it very nearly is. It does some things really well. It gets the layout, it renders inline graphics, it'll even show some background. But what if the text is really wide? It'll wrap won't it? No, it won't. It'll shrink the text to fit. It'll make the text really, really small. And you can't cheat by rotating the device, making the screen "wider" and the font larger, because the mail client doesn't support landscape presentation (why?).
Of course you can zoom in, because it's HTML, but then you have to scan the whole line, whizzing across the page to the end of the line, then whizzing back again to get the start of the next line. Oh dear!

2. Task switching
The iPhone is a lovely, clean design. And part of the cool, clean look comes from the absence of nasty short cut action buttons.
The iPhone has only three buttons on the edges of the device: the on/off button on the top, the volume up/down toggle on the side and the excellent single button mute button above the volume toggle. That's it. The only other button on the device is the "home" button on the front, below the screen.
The home button stops whatever application you are engaged on and takes you to the home page of the device - the pretty page full of icons that start up each application on the device. Good job it's pretty, because you see an awful lot of it.
There is no way to jump straight to your calendar, or address book, or email. Apart from the one "double click" action (user configurable to either select phone favourites or iPod controls), the only way to start a task is to go back to the home page and up again into the application you want. Find an interesting URL in an email that you want to look at in Safari? Memorise it well, or write it down, because unless the text has been created as a link you'll have to go back to the home page, start Safari, type the URL, realise you've got it wrong, press the home button again, start email, open the email, find the URL ... and start again.
Or you could just select the URL and cut and paste it into the browser address bar ... except ...

1. How on earth do you cut and paste?
Once Xerox had invented the mouse, the GUI and WYSIWYG editing, it was up to Apple to take that technology and make it affordable with the Lisa and the Mac. And Microsoft to make it ubiquitous, of course.
One of the joys of using the mouse, or any pointing device, is that it gives you a third dimension as you move around the page. You aren't constrained by the line or the word or the paragraph - you can jump straight to any part of the document. And you can select parts of a document by dragging over a word, a line, a paragraph, and do something with it. Like cutting it out. Or copying it. Or dragging it. It's normal. That's just what you do. You don't have 3 hour seminars and training courses on using a mouse (or a stylus) to point and select, click and drag. You demonstrate it once, the student understands and does it.
But the company that helped the mouse escape from the lab and get into the shops seems to have forgotten all about it. Get out your iPhone. Write a sentence. Write another one. Oops - that second sentence would make more sense BEFORE the first one. I'll just cut and paste the sentence. Oh no you won't! Because there is no cut and paste on the iPhone. Hear that? No? Well, I'll say it again! THERE IS NO CUT AND PASTE ON THE IPHONE.
Google around a bit and you'll find dozens of articles on the subject. You'll find surprise, indignation, horror. You'll even find brave Apple gurus explaining sagely that you don't need cut and paste because the iPhone gives you more direct ways of using information, like linking URLS, or detecting phone numbers, or, er, something.
The most likely explanation is that once Apple has decided to do away with the stylus, the only UI gesture was to use two fingers and drag that over the page to select some text. But that gesture had already been taken with the excellent pinch zoom movement used on large documents and web pages.
There is a way out, however. Some very credible proof of concept demonstrations have been put on the web showing how a sustained point and drag with single finger (like the stylus selection action in Windows Mobile) would be workable and not conflict with any other screen action on the iPhone.
Let's hope that the concept demos work and we see cut and paste implemented in an upcoming firmware release. In the meantime, at least twice every day I bet every iPhone user will silently curse, shrug and give up writing that urgent memo because they just can't be bothered to type it all again.
So that's it. Please don't get me wrong, I think the iPhone is a wonderful, iconic and transformational device. As with the iphone, it has changed our perception of what a mobile device should be. Mobile phones and smartphones will never be the same again.
It's just that for all it's brilliance, it remains flawed. The iPhone is the product of a prolific and brilliant yet highly introspective group of engineers. Left free to innovate, unrestrained by any notion of reality or practicality or what the user currently thinks he or she wants, Apple have created a concept device. I'm grateful they have, but I fear that it will be up to other companies, with a clearer grasp of what the user can use, in particular what ELSE the user is doing, to take the iPhone to the next step.

iPhone 5 Unlock Advantages

With the news of the soon to be released iPhone 5, many are wondering about the unlock service for the phone. While the phone is by far the most advanced hand held device created to date so far, many of the built in features are being overlooked. Among these are the ability to make free phone calls, connect to WI-Fi hot spots, view online stores for applications, and the ability to customize its buttons, backgrounds and screensavers.

With the iPhone 5 unlock service, your new iPhone has the ability to make free phone calls over the Internet, or through VoIP. While many state that this is nothing compared to the built in video call function, they are mistaken, as VoIP has the same built in function, it simply doesn't cost a monthly premium. When you unlock your phone you have the ability to continue to use Google's video chat option, or to use Skype and other such services, most of which are free, if not cheaper than your monthly service plan through your service provider. The VoIP function is conducted strictly over the Internet, through the built in WI-Fi capability of the iPhone.
When you unlock your new iPhone, you are also gaining access to a more versatile source of online applications, or apps. Since programmers who provide open source software (free software) prefer fame or recognition of their programming knowledge and abilities instead of money, they are constantly attempting to make improvements to their software, unlike the creators of proprietary software, or sources that charge money for apps such as the iStore.

But perhaps the best advantage of the iPhone 5 unlock service is the ability to customize every detail of your phone. The background, the pictures that represent the different keys, and the voice commands new ability to learn new functions are by far worth looking in to. You can teach your phone how to enter in web addresses through your voice, accept addresses and enter them automatically into a GPS program, and even to turn on your computer at home through remote desktop. The possibilities of this new phone are limitless, once you unlock it. And who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

In conclusion, the iPhone 5 unlock service is not just a recommended option or upgrade, it is a must have for anyone who considers themselves a pioneer of technology, a supporter for open source software, or a business owner competing in a constantly changing market.

Once again, there are no disadvantages to getting your iPhone Unlocked, only a huge array of features and apps to get to grips with!

How To Unlock iPhone - Safest iPhone Software Unlock Review

Figuring out How to unlock iPhone can be a difficult task for average people like you and me, but it doesn't have to be. With iPhone Software Unlock you can have your iPhone unlocked within minutes and be doing all the fun things that Apple normally restricts.

Unlocking your iPhone will be the best thing you do to it, but it can also be the worst if you're not careful. When attempting to unlock it you have to be careful of what product you're using as well as who supplied you with the product. There are some people out there who take pride in 'bricking' people's iPhones. If you purchase cheap or bad software, your $400 iPhone can suffer irreparable damage and be no more useful than a paperweight. The iPhone Software Unlock helps you achieve unlocking your iPhone safely, and without a chance of 'bricking' it.

The software is proven and has worked for thousands. Giving you access to loads of movies, music, software, games, ebooks and anything else you can squeeze onto the device. The iPhone software unlock allows you to unlock up to 5 iPhones so the whole family can have their phone unlocked.

With the iPhone Software Unlock you will learn how to get your iPhone unlocked in minutes and have access to tons of content, games, and software for your phone. You will be able to bypass AT&T's and Apple's security on the phone, to use it on any GSM cellphone network in the world. This is just some of the power you will obtain if you learn how to unlock iPhone.

Why Do People Want To Unlock Apple IPhone?

The latest Apple's invention and the latest craze is an amazing new Internet communication device called iPhone. It is not only a mobile phone but also features a widescreen iPod with touch controls. The present day phone has many features such as a high resolution camera, video and audio recording, multimedia player, 3D games, touch screen, and a virtual keyboard. The internet function of the phone features a rich HTML email client and Safari - the most advanced web browser ever on a portable device - which automatically syncs bookmarks from your PC or Mac.

Although Apple is hoping that the vast majority of the device users will never unlock their handsets to install unofficial software from third party providers, it is estimated that about 20% of the phones they sold are being "unlocked" by users. Take Fring, for example, a third party mobile based WiFi application which allows users to make Voip phone calls, Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk(TM), SIP, Twitter, AIM & Yahoo! as long as there is a live internet connection. Through this application, Apple iPhone users can discover the freedom of being able to talk to their contacts and buddies from other communities on their phones. It should be noted here that Apple will void the warranty on any users who "unlock" their devices. This warning, however, did not seem to deter those internet savvy, music-crazed users who have got their mind set on "expanding" the usability and functionality of the phones. For these users, something like Fring could well be the killer application that attracts these users to the darker side of the "unlocking" world.

Friday, July 15, 2011

iPhone Jailbreaking – Important Things to Consider!

Are you thinking about Jailbreaking your iPhone? Well, it is not a bad ideal at all. However, you must require some important things to consider before Jailbreaking your iPhone.  If you really want to protect your valuable piece of technology, then you must have to consider some serious issue before Jailbreaking your iPhone.

Jailbreaking tools are available free on the internet:

Most of the people do not know that tools for Jailbreaking iPhones are freely available on the internet. Many websites are offering Jailbreaking tools in absolutely free, so you don’t have to purchase them by paying price for it. You need to know what computer OS you are running before you consider to Jailbreak the iPhone. You also have to consider what version of iTunes you have installed in your iPhone.

You need to check what firmware version is running on the iPhone at the time of Jailbreaking. However, the site may offer you sheer help whether to jailbreak your iPhone or not. All the factors that create multiple transformations, you should consider while Jailbreaking iPhone. You will definitely be in trouble if you do not factor these transformations and use the perfect tools.

iPhone – One Of the Best Looking Phone Available in the Market!

iPhones are one of the craziest and good looking phones available in the current market. No other phone can compete with the iPhone in terms of quality, style, features and usability. It is also a very user friendly device with more powerful features. Touch screen in iPhone is something that has created jubilation among the users. The innovative feature of push picture aside with your fingers and zoom screen by running 2 fingers in reverse direction of the screen can make you feel really exciting. The mixture of touch screen and accelerometer can make your gaming experience and application users elegant. Accelerometer is used to flip an image from landscape to portrayal. You can avail the Wi-Fi connectivity on your iPhone to get faster access to the network. iPhone is the best option for those users who use multilevel conferencing in their mobiles because it offers good sound quality. Comparing to other technologies, iPhone is capable of offering consistent web browsing experience through safari web browser. Some of the other flexibilities of iPhone are discussed below:
  • Set up process
  • GPRS availability
  • Several supporting application to install
  • Excellent email support
  • Attractive games
  • Integrated web browser with excellent browsing ability

iPhone – Great Addition of Modern Technology!

Now days, the iPhones are in huge market demand due to their various flexibilities or functionalities. Like your standard Cell phones it performs various features. The modern technology has influence the making of iPhone in a great way. The great features of this wonderful device have made a special place in the cell phone industry. It supports online capabilities due to its built-in Wi-Fi technology. The iPhone can display full web page with the assistance of a wireless network. Apart from browsing the internet the iPhone can receive and send email through its HTML email application. Operating system updates for the iPhone will be very smooth and work in the same way to the iPod and Mac operating system updates.
Offering internet flexibility:

It also supports different Widgets such as stocks, shares and weather modules. The most important feature of iPhone is that it is capable of offering up to five hours of video playback, voice calls or web browsing. It will be a very good investment on iPhone because it will return the full value of your money. The demand of iPhone is continuously growing in the market as it is becoming a very valuable asset in everyday life of people.

Best iPhone Unlocking Software Information

Crucial Information about Jailbreaking your iPhone that everyone should know

Contrary to popular belief, jailbreaking and unlocking refers to two different things. Jailbreaking would refer to the hacking of your iPhone to break developer restrictions, install third party applications and other tweaks. In order to software unlock your iPhone, it would need to be jailbroken first.

What exactly is jailbreaking? Jailbreaking is the process of exploiting the iPhone's operating system to gain full access to its functionality and remove restrictions placed upon the hardware of the system by its manufacturer. This process allows users to then download third party applications which have not been approved on the AppStore, to execute them in ways previously restricted and to enable root access. This means that themes, extensions and graphical interfaces can be revamped by third party developers without AppStore approval. Each time a new version of iOS is released that patches the previous exploits, software teams work to create new versions of software to jailbreak. However, depending on the date of the new firmware release, one of the two different types of jailbreak exploits may be available- a tethered jailbreak or an untethered jailbreak.

A tethered jailbreak would require the device to be connected to a computer each time the device is restarted or loses its charge. This device cannot be booted up in a jailbroken state unless it is "re-jailbroken". This process does not wipe out the current data though. An untethered jailbreak, on the other hand, does not require the aid of a desktop to restore its jailbroken state. If the device is restarted or runs out of battery, it will remain jailbroken when it is started up again.

Despite its name, jailbreaking has been ruled by the U.S. Copyright Office to be legal. Both jailbreaking and unlocking of iPhones are permitted to allow users to use their phones with other applications not available in the AppStore and with other mobile carriers. In fact, in 2010, the Library of Congress confirmed that jailbreaking has been exempted from the normal DCMA rules. This, however, does not mean that Apple will not patch up its exploits. Instead, expect jailbreaking to be more and more complicated as iPhone is patched with technical countermeasures against jailbreaking and unlocking of iPhones.

An added note of caution: The manufacturers have warned that jailbreaking and unlocking will void your warranty. However, this does not mean that it is easy for them to find out. Manufacturers will have to physically hold the device in order to determine if the device is jailbroken, and even this can be easily circumvented by restoring your iPhone through iTunes. Even if your screen is damaged or crack, connection with iTunes is still very possible. Where did the terms jailbreaking and unlocking come about? A large part of the credits would have to go to the jailbreaking community, which primarily consists of the iPhone Dev Team, a group of dedicated people who have made jailbreaking a reality for common users like you and me.

Now that you have learned about jailbreaking, try it out for yourself and explore the hidden cache of wonderful applications, games, theme and settings available for your use. If you're anything like me, you will be kicking yourself for not doing it earlier.

How to Unlock iPhone 3G?

Unlocking refers to the process which comes after jailbreaking which breaks the carrier restrictions on your phone, enabling the use of your phone on different carriers. Why do people unlock their phones? There are primarily three reasons.

Firstly, people unlock their iPhones to use them on other networks which they prefer. When the iPhone was launched, its provider inked exclusive deals with different providers to maintain the high price and to tie the phone with an expensive mobile plan. If your current carrier you are on does not offer the phone or the carrier that does offer the whole has poor coverage, you were out of luck. Before the unlocking process that is.

After unlocking, you will be able to ditch the "default" carrier and go to the carrier that you prefer. Perhaps the carrier that has the iPhone has poor coverage, poor speeds or poor customer service. Unlocking your iPhone would mean that you do not have to put up with this substandard deal, allowing you to use your iPhone on your own preferred network for whatever reason, be it loyalty discounts, better coverage or better speed. Unlocking is generally a safe process which is unlikely to cause breakdown if you do it carefully. However, in the event that something does go wrong, you can always restore the phone back to its original state using iTunes for warranty purposes.

Secondly, unlocking your iPhone allows for flexibility when reselling your iPhone. If you choose to sell your iPhone on the open market, you would be severely limiting your selling price by only targeting users of a single network. By unlocking your iPhone, you can not only sell your phone to users of other network carriers in your country, you can also sell it to a global audience using auction services such as eBay. Usability is more or less assured Indeed, flexibility of usage is one of the primary reasons for unlocking your iPhone. Be it for giving to a family member or friend, an unlocked iPhone will offer you flexibility that you never had.

Thirdly, unlocking your iPhone empowers to you use your iPhone when using a different network overseas. Often, it is cost effective to purchase a prepaid SIM card when overseas to avoid the hefty roaming charges on your mobile phone. However, such a method is not possible on an iPhone which is not unlocked. By unlocking your phone, you are able to make calls or data connections for a cheaper price by using the local carrier. This would be especially useful if you will be residing in a foreign country for more than a week. Furthermore, you will be able to keep your main SIM card safely with you at all times to minimize the loss if your phone is stolen.

Unlocking the iPhone is an appealing option to gain the flexibility of location, reselling and carrier choice. Mobile plans and services form a substantial amount of the total costs that you will be paying to maintain your iPhone's connectivity. There is no reason why you should compromise in that aspect.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The difference between Unlocking vs Jailbreaking

There are numbers of Smartphone users looking for the iPhone Jailbreaking because it enables users to apply third party apps on their handset. Keep in mind that, all iPhones are designed through a particular carrier, and it varies with location and country. So, the bottom line is that iPhone users are restricted to this carrier. Due to use of software like iPhone Jailbreaking, users can break restriction of Apple for installing and applying assortment themes and apps. In early, it has been considered as an illegal process, but in recent days it is not making any violation of the law. Now, it is really easy to be familiar with iPhone Jailbreaking through the site Often, Jailbreaking is considered as a hacking emit that means you can install and use numbers of third party apps on your handset. You can download your favorite videos from You Tube. It is most important to remember that Apple is mostly restricted the iPhone users to AT&T in the U.S. Obviously; it is the vital problems of lots of users. If you want to avoid these sorts of problem, then you need to apply the iPhone Jailbreaking on your gadget. Now, you have chance to install this sort of hacking process through the guidance of previous users. It is the better option for you to click link for essential information. Moreover, Jailbreaking is for technically inclined user, and reaching to one who just have confidence, and guts to risk the $200iPhone for sake of the freedom. There is a danger to download on a go. You can download the spyware or virus, which bricks the iPhone or else steals any sensitive data or passwords. One mistake & jailbreaking the iPhone will become one of worst ideas ever. Adobe can probably participate in how to unlock iphone 3ga Jailbreaking of phone ever since that Apple has denied the Flash programs on iPhone. As it is legal, surely, and Adobe would like to get them back. War continues between Adobe and Apple. It is interesting to see more what takes place. Finally, with legalization of jail broken products, there may probably be the impact on Apple store a well as amount that they sell. Future of iPhone What is to take place with Apple products that iPhone is legally allowed being jailbroken and it actually stays exciting mystery.

How to Unlock iPhone - iPhone Unlocking for 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4

Once you are a member, you will be assigned a DEDICATED unlock/jailbreak technician. He or She will be able to assist you in any issues and questions that you have! iPhone Jailbreaking is the method of hacking the iPhone to keep it free from limited function and restrictions of the Apple. Due to this restriction, the iPhone users can only enjoying some limited facilities in their phone that is allowed by the Apple. So, the users can look for the Jailbreaking process to improve the functionality of their gadget. With the help of iPhone Jailbreaking users can download plenty of fun and entertaining programs in their iPhone. However, the iPhone has limited with it functionality like privacy issue of the text message as well as lack of the multitasking capabilities. On the other hand, iPhone Jailbreaking can rectify all these problems by the apps and fixes accessible in Installer and Cydia. There are several advantages the users can get from the iPhone Unlocking because it has no restrictions. So, the users can download lot of wallpapers, Internet tethering, and many other advanced features. There is also much iPhone Jailbreaking software available through which you can download your desire one as per the iPhone support. You can also make your gadget complete with the help of how to unlock iphone 3g by learning more about the method from How to Unlock iPhone. iPhone Jailbreaking is not only boost the functionality of your iPhone but also offers many attractive programs. Now, you can get more information about this facility from Unlock iPhone. In case, you are new, let me give you some information what is unlocking the iPhone. Well, to unlock the iPhone means unlocking up device modem to just accept the SIM cards from some other carrier as in many countries, iPhone will not connect with other providers aside from the AT&T, till you unlock that. For example, in case, you want to handle the third party providers you then have to unlock the iPhone. Good news is iPhone developers will not need to get limited for getting in Apple Store. For the long time Apple has selected who to allow in & who to deny their store. With restrictions off, you can see lots of Jail Broken Shops opening for the developers to submit the applications, and to get it downloaded & used. I also expect to see in next some years, dominant store comparable to Apple Store, which everybody can use but it may have all the applications, and no restrictions to that. While there is the demand for some object, somebody can always give it.