Monday, July 25, 2011

iPhone 4 - The Insatiable Addiction

Till the time one buys (read decides to buy) an iPhone, they come up with 1001 reasons 'why I don't need an iPhone.' But once the craving sets on for an iPhone, every day one can think of more reasons 'why I need an iPhone.' Well that happened in our case too. Till the time we could afford an iPhone 4, we were arguing what basic telephone features an iPhone can do that a BlackBerry can't?! With more and more friends moving on to iPhone, the craving just got irresistible and viola! we got an iPhone 4.

The sense of pride on holding an iPhone, snapping open and shut the exclusive leather case and all the related emotions that come with an iPhone are not easily describable. It is as if we got the Christmas or birthday present that we had been waiting for for the whole year.

For those who are still arguing 'what can an iPhone do that a BlackBerry can't?' I have to say this, you'll have to see one to know the multitude of Apps. The convenience of having all at once (a GPS, Outlook, Public mailbox, all the popular Instant Messengers (IMs) with video chat support, IPod music player, Dictionary, Barcode reader, Doodle (for the artistically inclined - paint what you want whenever you want just with the touch of your fingers), and not to miss the 5 megapix camera) is an unparalleled experience.

Once you have had an iPhone, for about a month, the question that you'd be asking yourself changes to 'How the hell did I manage everything before iPhone'

My brother had gotten himself an iPhone from Singapore and that doesn't seem to require any "jailbreaking" (huh! cant they have coined a better term) to work in India. He took a Vodafone 3G connection and I must say the service was indeed impressive. The GPS is not precise though as in US but still I liked it. I was a bit skeptical about the bandwidth of service for an Indian GPRS provider - but after seeing the Vodafone service, I can say proudly that the service can be compared at par to any other good service providers of the west. I have a BSNL Cellone 3G service and I must admit it works pretty well in my Nokia E51 smart phone. I can't wait to experience the service in iPhone 4

P.S. For those who are happy with the smart phone they've already got, apple has another option for you! Check the iPod generation 4 - the look and feel and the apps are absolutely same as the iPhone 4 except that you can only connect to an available wifi network and cannot browse/chat/check mail/use GPS 'on the go'. If that's not a requirement, you can get the iPod Gen 4 and experience the iPhone experience. But I give the statutory warning that after iPod Gen4, you might develop a craving for iPhone 4!

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