Monday, July 18, 2011

Why Do People Want To Unlock Apple IPhone?

The latest Apple's invention and the latest craze is an amazing new Internet communication device called iPhone. It is not only a mobile phone but also features a widescreen iPod with touch controls. The present day phone has many features such as a high resolution camera, video and audio recording, multimedia player, 3D games, touch screen, and a virtual keyboard. The internet function of the phone features a rich HTML email client and Safari - the most advanced web browser ever on a portable device - which automatically syncs bookmarks from your PC or Mac.

Although Apple is hoping that the vast majority of the device users will never unlock their handsets to install unofficial software from third party providers, it is estimated that about 20% of the phones they sold are being "unlocked" by users. Take Fring, for example, a third party mobile based WiFi application which allows users to make Voip phone calls, Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk(TM), SIP, Twitter, AIM & Yahoo! as long as there is a live internet connection. Through this application, Apple iPhone users can discover the freedom of being able to talk to their contacts and buddies from other communities on their phones. It should be noted here that Apple will void the warranty on any users who "unlock" their devices. This warning, however, did not seem to deter those internet savvy, music-crazed users who have got their mind set on "expanding" the usability and functionality of the phones. For these users, something like Fring could well be the killer application that attracts these users to the darker side of the "unlocking" world.

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